Both these pictures are of meat from Dungeness Crab.

Both are good. One is better.

One has been cooked and cleaned by us, the other is from a can. 

The process we use leaves a rich yellow hue on the crab meat, the the washes this away.

The rich color you see is the Dungeness Crab’s natural fat and juices that we work hard to retain. These fats and juices are where so much of the beautiful crab flavor is kept. The pale white color you see in the alternate pic is from a lack of these natural fats. This in large part is due to the process the crab undergoes during the canning process. It is soaked in a saline solution to help remove shells. As a byproduct of this process, the aforementioned natural flavor is washed away as well. 

We’re not saying one is better than the other…


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